Author: Alessandra Serafini

ISBG & Lifestyle

The Italian lifestyle is something original, it belongs to this people intimately and is expressed in every aspect of their daily life; it was not absorbed by osmosis by glossy international magazines, or by bloggers and influencers of the moment, and above all it does not depend on economic means. It comes from its history, culture, traditions, habits, art and is nourished by the Great Italian Beauty …

ISBG & Design

During the pre-covid era (… do we still remember it?), ISBG collaborated with the Consulate General of Italy in Jeddah to set up a number of annual events for the promotion of Italian culture in the world. Italian Cuisine and the Italian Language are naturally the main topics of these institutional events, but what I personally awaited for with the greatest interest and enthusiasm has always been the Italian Design Day

ISBG & Food

Italian Cuisine Weeks in Jeddah: The encounter between a so loved cuisine in the world; capable of maintaining its originality despite the appropriation, and a vast market of gourmet enthusiasts discovering internationalization… A great business opportunity for Italian food producers and entrepreneurs.

ISBG & Fashion

ISBG & Fahion: a common thread that has constantly been part of the life of ISBG, a love relationship that has inspired us in many of our events and activities. We have embraced the Fashion theme in many different ways: from the classic marriage between Fashion & Motors, always fascinating, to the combination with Gastronomy, Culture, Design … and it has always been a great success for the Italian Lifestyle in Jeddah!