Author: Alessandra Serafini

Neom – the Saudi Giga project to be candidate as “accelerator of human development”

Neom the Saudi Giga project, flag of Vision 2030, strongly supported by Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, is not only about an advanced Meta Cognitive city equipped with all the most extraordinary technological resources! Neom has the ambition to present itself to the world as a research and experimentation hub seeking solutions to humanity’s greatest problems. First of all, the lack of water, for then exporting such solutions to other countries.

Coral Bloom Saudi Arabia

Red Sea Development revolutionizes the standards of luxury tourism

“Regenerative” tourism, eco-tourism, sustainability, nature, environmental protection: this is the mantra of the new luxury tourism in Saudi Arabia for the next decades.
Luxury is identified in uncontaminated nature, facilities and all kinds of entertainment that do not disturb the environment but rather preserve it. The mega project Red Sea Development resets the parameters for the future of global luxury tourism, a “barefoot” luxury

Al Diriyah ruins from Lucire

AL DIRIYAH – The celebration of history becomes a mega project

Al Diriyah Gate Development Authority aims at launching a global tourism destination in Saudi Arabia of cultural, historical, and lifestyle interest for 27 million visitors a year. By designing a daring 50 billion dollar mixed-use project, it will enclose the cultural heritage of the Unesco site with a trendy lifestyle.

Qiddiya, the Saudi capital of entertainment, sports, and art!

Qiddiya, the Saudi capital of entertainment, sports, and art – The mega project fulfills the country’s Vision2030 directives: diversify the economy, promote social and cultural transformation, create skilled jobs for young people, redirect tourism spending inward, generate high financial return

MFW 2022: and just like that… it’s war!

While MFW 2022 was still celebrating with cautious optimism the exit of the Italian Fashion System from the pandemic with fashion shows and side-events finally live, with a large influx of buyers, journalists and international VIP’s, a war in the heart of Europe has bursted on the scene!

ISBG & Design

During the pre-covid era (… do we still remember it?), ISBG collaborated with the Consulate General of Italy in Jeddah to set up a number of annual events for the promotion of Italian culture in the world. Italian Cuisine and the Italian Language are naturally the main topics of these institutional events, but what I personally awaited for with the greatest interest and enthusiasm has always been the Italian Design Day.

ISBG & Lifestyle

The Italian lifestyle is something original, it belongs to this people intimately and is expressed in every aspect of their daily life; it was not absorbed by osmosis by glossy international magazines, or by bloggers and influencers of the moment, and above all it does not depend on economic means. It comes from its history, culture, traditions, habits, art and is nourished by the Great Italian Beauty …