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The Italian lifestyle is something original, it belongs to this people intimately and is expressed in every aspect of their daily life; it was not absorbed by osmosis by glossy international magazines, or by bloggers and influencers of the moment, and above all it does not depend on economic means. It comes from its history, culture, traditions, habits, art and is nourished by the Great Italian Beauty ...

We cannot deny it: Italians always make themselves known! 

Did it ever happen to you to be waiting at a terminal of a big international airport, and to kill time while waiting to board, you’d be trying to guess the nationality of fellow passengers? Certainly, Italians are easily recognizable; they’re extroverts. They speak with their whole body, their hands over all. They are generally relaxed, at ease and self-confident. Even the way they dress has a certain twist that distinguishes them, even when casual.

This is to say, the myth of Italian style has a real root, and its origin goes a long way back. Italians are used to beauty. They breathe it every day in a rich environment when it comes to art, culture, and savoir-vivre. Immersed in the Great Beauty of Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples, Palermo; they have it in their DNA! 

Style is something that belongs to these people intimately. It has not been superficially absorbed by glossy international magazines or by bloggers and influencers of the moment, and above all, it does not depend on economic means… Italian style is not necessarily linked to luxury but is fueled by taste. 

This sinks into the history and culture of the country. Since the Renaissance, when a gentleman, politician, and diplomat, Baldassarre di Castiglione, wrote a famous book: “Il Cortigiano”

It describes the characteristics necessary to be the perfect “man of the court” and for the first time the term “sprezzatura” is defined: a natural elegance, nonchalant, relaxed and a bit unconventional. It is based on wearing even the most precious garment without caring about it; on not giving the impression of wanting to please, appear or exhibit. 

I would add, the opposite rule also applies: knowing how to wear cheap clothes while making them look super cool thanks to the personality and taste in the combinations.

I’d say that this is one of the first characteristics of the Italian style recognized in the world, elegant but relaxed, refined and far from ostentatious. In short, not an anxiogenic style!

It’s easy to recognize the search for these same characteristics in the daily life of Italians: they love a refined and tasty cuisine; but simple and healthy. Possibly at zero kilometers, they are fond of small “luxuries” such as a good espresso break or the August holidays by the sea. 

They honor traditions and dedicate the right time to family, friends, and recess… essentially, they are rather social with a relaxed way of living… Football, a very popular sport in Italy, also has a very collective dimension: the weekly five-a-side football match with close ones; the ritual of the stadium on Sunday… is it the Dolce Vita?  

Lifestyle is, therefore, for Italians, all of this and even more… Personally, for me, it is mastering the art of buying, using, and preserving beautiful things. And it is also a talent. 

An old family Vespa or a FIAT 500, a vintage evening dress, a tablecloth or a piece of furniture: the Italian style lives in its memory, culture, habits and traditions that are handed down through family and renewed with ingenious flashes.

But what about the Italian wealth of producers of beautiful things? Prestigious global brands. Innovative SME part of productive capillary networks. Creative artisans keeping niche production alive. Boats, motorcycles, cars. Furniture, interior design, leather goods. Beauty, fashion. Wellness. Services in tourism, hospitality, travelling. Weddings. Real estate… in Italy, all of this and way more, is expertly produced or provided.

And what better time to appreciate the Italian style than when it comes to hospitality?

Beyond theme, whether it was business promotion, culture or entertainment, in all ISBG events we have endorsed the Italian way of life first, and foremost. Vogue Experience in Jeddah. Italian fashion by Reem Faisal. Season Opening Party 2019… these are just some examples of the ISBG lifestyle events in Jeddah.

The ISBG will be offering to producers of beautiful Italian things a digital showcase to know and be known. We have confirmed how much Made in Italy is loved and appreciated by the Saudis, but it’s often difficult to match supply with demand. 

We focus on direct information through our digital platform, which makes it easier to enhance the products, and especially, human relationships.

It was experiences like this, that gave ISBG the expertise and necessary contacts to facilitate and accelerate Italian companies that want to enter this interesting market in an effective and concrete way.

We know how to do it, and we do it well!

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Alessandra Serafini

ISBG's President

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