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Who is the Brand Ambassador?

The Brand Ambassador serves as the voice of ISBG while sharing its philosophy and content. This person acts according to the Brand Ambassador Program objectives and is a socially and professionally active person connected with the entrepreneurial fabric of their environment. Enterprising and curious, they are interested in expanding their network. The Brand Ambassador shares the philosophy and contents of ISBG. This person is well-informed about the brand and reflects and conveys its identity and values within their social network. They are an influencer who has visibility and credibility in their environment, with the ability to promote ISBG’s brand awareness and brand reputation.

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As the face of the brand, the Ambassador works to build awareness of ISBG’s brand, drives lead conversions and generates new members, expands to new audiences, builds social media following, promotes customer trust and loyalty, expands the network, creates strategic alliances based on common interests and promotes Italian lifestyle and culture.


The Brand Ambassadors achieve their goals in various ways in accordance with their style—in person through word of mouth at events, fairs, company visits and in their social life, and online via posts on social media, content creation, articles, reviews etc.—through which the Brand Ambassador develops their own storytelling and establishes direct and personalized interactions with prospects and leads.


There are many benefits to being a Brand Ambassador, including visibility of the Brand Ambassador and expansion of their business network on the Saudi and international market, first-hand information on the market, individual ISBG membership and participation in events related to their role and interests. In addition to ISBG credentials (business card, e-mail address, ISBG default signature etc.), the Ambassador will have access to public and private channels dedicated to ISBG Ambassadors.


The Brand Ambassador works closely with ISBG for long periods in an absolutely free and flexible way. Both parties retain the right to update or terminate the relationship at any time.

The Process


Start by submitting the form below to enquire about ISBG's Ambassador's Membership. If your credentials meet the role standards, a phone interview will be arranged by one of ISBG's team members.
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Step 1

Phone Interview

During the phone interview it's a chance for ISBG to speak with you while learning more about your personality and interests. It will be and informal and introductory phone call.
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Step 2


Within a short period of time, an ISBG team member will be in touch with the results of the phone interview. The results of the interview solely reflect the matching potential between ISBG and you.
Step 3

Enquire about becoming a Brand Ambassador

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