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Why join ISBG?

Are you interested in the Saudi market, a vast reality opening to internationalization made up of ambitious and young entrepreneurs fascinated by Italian culture, lifestyle, and excellencies?

From food, fashion and design all the way to tourism, industry and technology, the Kingdom admires and loves what Made in Italy stands for.

Find out how ISBG can help you…


Increase your visibility and brand recognition within the Saudi market! Thanks to over 10 years of experience working closely with some of the highest business vertexes in Jeddah and Riyadh, we have the tools to support you and your business. Through hands-on networking, online and in-person events and social channels, our communication and digital tools such as newsletters, blogs and webinars, we can introduce you to a finely segmented and selected database of prospects.


Promote your activities and your events through our channels via highly targeted initiatives, online and offline. Our combined experience is at your service to better target the right channels and follow the correct methodology to bring your content live while delivering the right information to the right audience.



Connect directly with ISBG’s capillary network made up of entrepreneurs, professionals, managers and public and private entities in Saudi Arabia. Through many years of work and personal relationships built directly within the Kingdom, ISBG has created a database of over 2000 qualified contacts. We can understand your needs and better direct you to a tailored solution, thus maximizing the results of promotional actions.


Build business-matching occasions and strategic collaborations with Saudi partners! Unlock important business relationships for your projects by increasing your visibility and being active on the communication channels that ISBG provides. ISBG’s most valued goal and resource is providing business opportunities, facilitating the exchange of information and building rapport between Italian and Saudi business-minded individuals.

The Process


Start by submitting the form below to enquire about ISBG membership. If ISBG can meet your business needs, a phone interview will be arranged by an ISBG team member. Keep an eye out for our Email!
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Step 1

Phone Interview

The phone interview is an informal and introductory phone call during which ISBG will learn about your business. After the interview, ISBG will assess its ability to assist you and your business.
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Step 2


Within a short period of time, an ISBG team member will be in touch with the results of the post-phone interview assessment. This assessment will solely reflect ISBG’s ability to serve your needs.
Step 3

Enquire about ISBG Membership

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